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Sunray Engineering Company is established in partnership form at 1988 by Lam's brother. At 1989, we succeed to acquire Karcenar HK (named "Karcenar Sunray Engineering Co. Ltd.") and enlarged the business scope to carry on the business of provision on building protection works in Hong Kong. From its beginning as contractor who provide the fully compliance engineering solution on building protection at varying requirements. According to the Frost & Sullivan report, in terms of revenue, we are the second market leader in the Hong Kong building protection engineering market in fiscal 2019.


We are responsible for the overall management, implementation and supervision of our building protection works projects, it divided into but not limited on the selection and procurement of building protection products, coordination with customers or their consultants, environmental safety and quality control. On the other hand , we outsourced all labour-intensive building protection works to our subcontractors, such as the application of building protection products to the properties and testing in the manner directed by us ensure to achieve the purpose of waterproofing, heat insulation, sound insulation and/or fire resistance. Through our continuous effort, our Group has grown in size and capacities to handle government projects in Hong Kong and in 2003, our Group further expanded our business to Macau.

In 2011, we developed our own building protection product brands "DP ChemTech" and "DP", thereby improving the efficiency of vertical integration of our entire business, while expanding the distribution of building protection materials 's market share.

At 2020, The Group are listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. (Stock code: 8616)



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Expert Building Protection Engineering

Sole Supplier of Building Protection Products

Sunray Engineering (HK) Company Ltd.

Karcenar Sunray Engineering Co., Ltd.

Tech Link Construction Engineering Ltd.

Fair Building Material Co., Ltd.



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